Providing customised Legal English training and materials to the international legal community

Matt Firth is a leading expert in the field of Legal English training, teacher training and materials development. He has developed courses and materials for world-class businesses, law firms, universities and publishing houses. His clients include TransLegal, The University of St. Gallen, Cambridge University Press and Cambridge ESOL. He is co-author of Introduction to International Legal English (CUP 2008) and the PLEAD Legal English blended learning course (TransLegal 2007/2012). Matt also writes a regular Legal English column for Business Spotlight, the leading magazine for learners of Business English.

As a lawyer working in the international community, practical language skills are crucial. A course based on common law legal systems won’t help you negotiate a contract in English. You need to be able to describe and work within your own and other jurisdictions using English as a lingua franca. You need to be able to explain legal concepts in English to lawyers and clients that have English as a second language. You need to be able to understand the nuances of English as used in the international legal and business communities. Matt Firth can help you do this.

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